Stay Warm in an Easy Poncho!

Up until now, runners have worn sweaters, jackets, and other cold-weather clothing that they no longer need in order to stay warm while waiting for the starting pistol to be fired. These articles of clothing were then collected for reuse and recycling.

Because Kyoto Marathon is held during a very cold season, every year there are a number of runners who are unable to make it to the finish line in front of the Heian-jingu Shrine due to hypothermia and other reasons. As a way of preventing hypothermia and as protection against rain, easy ponchos will be given away to the runners.

All runners may collect their ponchos at the Okoshiyasu Welcome Square, where runners will check in. After use, the ponchos will not be collected as used clothing, so please dispose of them together with general garbage.

Collect your easy poncho at:
Runner Check-In Point, 1st Floor, Okoshiyasu Welcome Square